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Macron Announces Dissolution of French Parliament – ‘Let the Sovereign People Speak’

After his defeat in the European elections, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, announced on Sunday night 09/06 the dissolution of his country’s Parliament. “I will sign in a few minutes the decree announcing parliamentary elections which will be held on June 30 the first round and on July 7 the second,” said the head of state noting that almost 40% of the votes were in favor of far-right parties, from which 31.5% was received by the National Alarm under 28-year-old Jordan Bardela. “This decision is serious, heavy, but above all it is an act of trust,” he underlined, declaring that he “trusts the ability of the French people to make the right choice for themselves and for future generations.” “Let the word be given to the sovereign people,” he declared. “Nothing more democratic.” He added that France “needs a clear majority to act with calmness and unity” and underlined that he “listened to the message of the French and their concerns”. “I will not leave them without an answer,” he emphasized […]
Source: News Beast

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