Macron: Compromise of Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria for accession to the European Union

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THE Emanuel Macron after the end of the NATO summit in Madrid, he stated that according to him, the disagreements of Northern Macedonia and her Of Bulgariathus paving the way for accession to the European Union.

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“On the subject of North Macedonia’s accession path (to the EU), we continued our consultations with the authorities of North Macedonia and Bulgaria, as our commitment to the European perspective of the Western Balkans is to be able to open the first chapters with North Macedonia and Albania. Based on these consultations I am confident that we have found a compromise solution that meets everyone’s sensibilities. “In the interest of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia, accepted by all,” said the French president.

At the same time, he stated that “the President of Bulgaria and the Prime Minister have already confirmed that they accept the proposal. Acceptance will require consultations in Skopje. This solution brings security, predictability and certainty to overcome the disputes inherited from the past».

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Also the President of the European Council Charles Michelin a social media post hailed the efforts of the French EU presidency for an agreement between Skopje and Sofia and spoke of a “solution” that could pave the way for the start of EU accession talks with North Macedonia .

“The solution addresses the concerns expressed. We are closer than ever: now is the time to say yes,” Charles Michel added.

Source: News Beast

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