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Macron didn’t rule out sending fighter jets to Ukraine – But conditionally

THE French President Emmanuel Macronasked on Monday (30/1) in The Hague about the possibility of sending fighter jets in Ukraine to help her cope Russian invasioncarefully replied that “nothing is ruled out in principle”.

He spoke of “criteria”, before any decisionsuch as “formulating” a “request” from Ukraine, that it “does not cause escalation” and “is not likely to touch Russian territory but helps the resistance effort” and “does not weaken the capability of the French military” .

“By definition, nothing is ruled out,” he said, while stressing that the Ukrainians “are not making this demand at the moment.”.

However, “in light of these three criteria we will continue to consider on a case-by-case basis” deliveries of military equipment, he added after laying out the same criteria for the possible delivery of Leclerc tanks.

Decisions are made “according to the requests made and not according to the rumors circulating”, the French president underlined, clarifying that Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov is expected in Paris on Tuesday to hold talks with his French counterpart Sebastien Lecorny.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte for his part, he emphasized that “there is no taboo, but that it would be a big step” if fighters are handed over to Kyiv.

The Netherlands has not yet received a request from Kyiv either, he said, agreeing to the criteria set by Macron.

After several weeks of hesitation, Berlin decided last Wednesday to send 14 German-made Leopard 2 tanks in Ukraine and allow other European countries to supply similar tanks to Kyiv.

However, on Sunday (30/1) German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Berlin will not send fighter jets to Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden, now said on Monday (30/1) that he will visit Poland soon, without specifying a date, while clarifying that the US will not send F-16s to Ukraine.

Source: News Beast

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