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Macron: Expresses solidarity with Poland, hopes China will mediate on Ukraine war

Macron: Expresses solidarity with Poland, hopes China will mediate on Ukraine war

His absolute solidarity with Poland who is an ally of France in NATO, expressed on Wednesday (16/11) o Emmanuel Macron. As he pointed out, he contacted the Polish authorities to find out about them conditions of the rocket explosion.

“An investigation is underway,” the French President told reporters at a press conference in Bali. Macron added that he contacted the Ukrainian president to express his solidarity after the Russian blows his country received.

As he stated the US has shared preliminary information about the missile explosion in Poland, but it is too early to say what happened.

“There is preliminary information shared by the US but we have to be very careful. At the moment, conditions do not allow us to attribute the explosions to Poland. We will continue to strive for peace, to achieve a negotiated solution and thus talk with Russia,” the President of France emphasized as reported by the Athens News Agency after the G20 conference.

In addition, he added that the G20 leaders agreed to push Russia to a de-escalation of war in Ukraine and expressed hope that China would play a greater mediating role in the coming months in this direction.

Belgian defense minister: Explosion in Poland was due to Ukrainian air defense systems

The explosion, which claimed the lives of two people in eastern Poland, was the result of the use of Ukrainian air defense systems to “counter Russian missiles”, Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedode said on Wednesday (11/16).

Dedode spoke of “explosions” on Polish soil which occurred during her massive bombing Ukrainian from Russia.

“Explosions occurred in Poland, on the border with Ukraine. At this stage and based on the available information, these are fragments of Russian missiles and Ukrainian air defense missiles that fell on Polish territory,” the minister added in a statement.

“Analysis is still ongoing to determine with certainty both the origin of the fires and the targets these missiles were intended to hit. “Based on the information currently available, there is nothing to indicate, however, that this was a deliberate attack on a Polish target or targets,” Dedode said.

The Belgian intelligence service “remains in direct contact with the corresponding NATO services”, underlined the Belgian minister, who appealed for prudence regarding the consequences of this incident.

“In these circumstances, it is important to remain calm in our reaction. Belgium will continue to support Ukraine, its army and its population. At the same time, we continue to call for de-escalation and for the immediate end of the Russian invasion,” she said.

Source: News Beast