Macron: French forces kill ISIS leader in Greater Sahara

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The French president Emanuel Macron said yesterday that French troops had killed Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, the leader of the jihadist organization Islamic state in the Great Sahara.

“This is another major success in our fight against terrorist organizations in the Sahel,” Macron said in a Twitter post.

Islamic State fighters ambushed a military patrol in the western Tilaberi region of Niger in May 2019, killing at least 28 soldiers.

Sahrawi was the historical leader of the Islamic State in the Sahel region of West Africa and, according to Macron’s office, his organization had targeted, among other things, American soldiers in a deadly attack in 2017.

In August 2020, Sahrawi personally ordered the killing of six French workers in organizations and their Nigerian driver, according to the Elysee.

As the French president announced in July, France would soon redeploy its forces to the Sahel, gradually halving its military presence there.

Sahrawi, who had sworn allegiance to al-Baghdadi, had been blamed by the United States for offering more than $ 5 million to anyone who provided information leading to his whereabouts.

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