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Macron from G7: Changes in political balances in Europe are limited

French President Emmanuel Macron after the end of the first working day of the G7 summit, the Group of Seven most powerful economies on the planet, said that “Changes in the political balances in Europe are relatively limited” “The choices regarding the heads of the European institutions will be the subject of discussion next week, with a balance to be reached by all heads of state and government,” added the French president. “Shots” against Italy on abortion “I regret that the word abortion is not in the text of the conclusions of the G7 summit. You know the position of France, which has included the right to abortion in its Constitution. In your country, there is not the same sensitivity. France has embraced equality between women and men, although it is not an approach shared across the political spectrum. I’m sorry, but I respect it, because it was a sovereign choice of your people,” Emmanuel Macron finally emphasized in response to a question from an Italian […]
Source: News Beast

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