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Macron has opened a “Pandora’s box” in France to stay in the game

Marine Le Pen may have been defeated in the French election, but Emmanuel Macron’s real battle begins now, as he must maintain the delicate balance in political chaos to wield power. The French president has a “grace period” of about a month to find “light at the tunnel”, as his chosen Gabriel Atal will remain as prime minister, so that the Olympic Games in Paris can be held safely. Shortly before the end of the event, however, the new government in France should be appointed, and especially the person who will become prime minister, that is, he should coordinate with Macron. Politico in an extensive report outlined the political landscape in the country, noting that the French National Assembly has 577 seats, with no party holding the necessary majority, even with the alliances it formed during the election period. “It is not possible to govern France if you do not have 240 to 250 MPs,” said Sylvain […]
Source: News Beast

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