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Macron: Injured or sick Gaza children can be treated in France

The president of France Emmanuel Macron announced today that her “injured or sick children Gaza in need of urgent care can be treated in France if this is “useful and necessary”, assuring that France is ready to receive 50 patients in its hospitals.

In a message posted on Twitter (X), Emmanuel Macron states that France mobilizes all means at its disposal, mainly by air, so that these children can be transported and treated in France.

The French president referred to the arrival at the beginning of the week in Egypt of the helicopter carrier Dixmude, which has been converted into a floating hospital with a capacity of 40 beds for the treatment of serious cases and the transfer of the wounded, if necessary, to hospitals.

Another French air force aircraft will also transport more than 10 tons of medical aid and two mobile medical units to treat 500 seriously injured each at the beginning of the week.

Called out Netanyahu for ‘excessively high civilian casualties’

Humanitarian aid must arrive as quickly and safely as possible. For this reason, we need to achieve an immediate humanitarian pause that will lead to a ceasefire,” wrote Emmanuel Macron.

French President Emmanuel Macron invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the “excessively high civilian casualties” in Gaza, reminding him of the “absolute need to separate terrorists from the population“, during the telephone conversation they had in the evening, announced the French Presidency.

President Macron also had a telephone conversation with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in which he “condemned the violence committed against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank,” according to the French Presidency.

Source: News Beast

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