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Macron kept Atal as prime minister of France

French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to keep Gabriel Atal as prime minister. The French president asked him to continue “for the time being” in his prime ministerial duties in order to “ensure the stability of the country”. It is recalled that this is a difficult period for France since in just a few weeks the Olympic Games begin in Paris, a particularly important period for the country and its position on the world stage. The French press speaks of “confusion” and “fog”. The “clarification” promised by President Emmanuel Macron after the dissolution of the French National Assembly has created a parliament divided into three blocs, plunging the country into great “confusion”, writes the conservative Le Figaro The same finding in Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France : “Emmanuel Macron promised a clean-up, we will have to be patient! The situation is more clouded and complicated after the parliamentary elections (…) Confused by the results which they perceive to render the National Assembly ungovernable, the French are struggling […]
Source: News Beast

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