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Macron ‘of course was in contact’ when he was Minister of Finance with service companies, clarifies the Elysee on the UBER issue

There was a first reaction this morning from the Champs-Élysées in relation to the publications of several European newspapers on the mode of operation in the transport sector of the company UBER and whether and to what extent Emmanuel Macron was in France its privileged interlocutor during the period 2014- 2016 which was in the Ministry of Finance, during the presidency of François Hollande.

According to an “in principle answer” given by the presidency of the Republic to questions from the newspaper Le Monde which brought the matter to the public in France, Emmanuel Macron, as minister “of course was at that time in contact with the companies involved in the deep changes in the transport services sector, facilitating the removal of some administrative or regulatory obstacles”.

The issue has already taken on political dimensions in France with the opposition considering Macron’s activities at the time as problematic, while at the same time the French National Assembly is today considering the motion of censure submitted last week by the parties of the left, which according to all indications will not outvoted.


Source: Capital

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