Home World Macron: Russia must not and will not win the war

Macron: Russia must not and will not win the war

Macron: Russia must not and will not win the war

Russia must not win and will not win the war against Ukraine, said French President Emanuel Macron, and pledged to maintain both sanctions against Moscow and support for Ukraine, “for as long as necessary and with required intensity “.

Shortly before leaving the Upper Bavarian town of Schlos Elmau, where the G7 summit was held, Mr Macron reiterated his support for Kyiv, but declined to call Russia a “terrorist state”. “We do not need labels to impose sanctions on Moscow,” he said. the 20 people. The attack “is further evidence that the Russian military has decided to use surprise to attack civilians,” Macron said, vowing that France and its allies would continue to work to “condemn those who should be condemned. international and Ukrainian justice “.

Emanuel Macron, like earlier Chancellor Olaf Soltz, said he did not see the end of the war, but wished the conflict would end before the end of the year and spoke of the need to prevent a global crisis due to inflation and economic slowdown. “The direct and indirect consequences of the war need to be taken into account, first of all to help people live and certainly to prevent the division of the world. Russia, in its attempt to destabilize the world order, is taking advantage of the “The consequences of the war have left some countries in doubt,” the French president warned.

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