Macron takes on new term and promises to “help democracy” prevail in Ukraine

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the french president Emmanuel Macron talked about the war in ukraine during the inauguration of his second term on Saturday (7), saying that France must “act to avoid” any escalation in the conflict and promising to “help democracy and courage” to prevail.

The French leader said that by re-electing him as president, the France chose “a project of independence in a destabilized world”.

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“Where many peoples opted for retreat, sometimes giving in to nationalist temptation, nostalgia for the past, the siren of ideologies whose shores we thought we had left in the previous century, the French people made the choice of a clear and explicit project for the future. A republican and European project,” Macron added.

Last month, he became the first incumbent president to be re-elected in France in two decades, defeating the far-right candidate. Marine Le Pen .

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A few days after the victory, Macron told the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that French military support to the Ukraine in addition to humanitarian assistance, “will continue to grow”.

“The President of the Republic reaffirmed to President Zelensky his willingness to work actively during his second term to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, always maintaining close coordination with its European partners and allies,” says a statement released by the Palace. of Elisha last month.

Source: CNN Brasil

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