An anonymous cryptocurrency analyst under the pseudonym MacronautBTC predicts that after the halving, the cost of the first cryptocurrency could reach or even exceed $270,000 due to an imbalance of supply and demand.

MacronautBTC said on social media X that its predicted scenario, which combines the effects of the halving and daily demand for Bitcoin, shows a significant upward trend in the growth of BTC value in 2024.

MacronautBTC builds its forecast based on calculations famous cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo, who estimates that daily market demand for Bitcoin reaches more than $600 million and is 13 times higher than supply.

The cryptanalyst expects a significant increase in the market value of Bitcoin based on this imbalance, which could lead to an increase in the crypto market capitalization by $1.46 trillion, and would correspond to the BTC price of $123,000.

MacronautBTC also used a conservative “multiplier” proposed by Willy Woo, which indicates a potential threefold increase in Bitcoin's market value based on the influx of new liquidity into the crypto market.

Combined with the consequences of the halving, the total capitalization of the digital asset market could reach $5.38 trillion by the end of this year. This would mean that the price of military-technical cooperation could rise to $273,000, the expert summarizes. Bitcoin is currently trading at $50,940.


Matrixport analysts indirectly confirm the expectations of MacronautBTC. In particular, experts suggested that Bitcoin could reach $63,000 by March 2024.