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Macron’s move that could propel Le Pen to power after France’s lost election

France’s political landscape is in chaos after the election, and despite the defeat of Marine Le Pen, she can still hope to take power, should Emmanuel Macron make a mistake to save himself. Specifically, the first decision the French president must make is to appoint a prime minister. Usually, a person is chosen from the party with the most parliamentary power, but in this case things are complicated, since the Leftists are first and not the Liberals. Thus, a common face must be found – something that cannot happen under any circumstances, based on analysts – or the right alliances must be formed, aiming for a stable government with a perspective. However, Macron’s past inflammatory statements against Jean-Luc Mélenchon, as well as the latter’s demand that the Left implement its programs, complicate the situation. So a scenario that would help Emmanuel Macron to […]
Source: News Beast

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