Madame: “The older I get, the more at ease I feel”

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Outside day. At the lake you can breathe a sweet and mild air, the sun’s rays filter from the foliage of the trees and a group of boys dressed in pastel colored overalls arrive to make contact with that nature so intact and so uncontaminated. Together with Alessia, Letizia and Kristian, Francesca Calearo, aka Madame, moves slowly, filling her lungs with fresh air and pausing on a small white boat surrounded by the green of the forest, «a very poetic image», she says.

“We saw the stilts and, in the evening, we lit a fire and made marshmallows, even if we risked setting fire to a pole”, jokes Madame during the presentation of the video of the new Diadora campaign which sees her as the protagonist and which is set, in fact, on the fronds of the lake in Revine Lago. In the video, presenting the new Manifesto collectionMadame, Diadora’s new brand ambassador, moves on a journey suspended between reality and dreams together with her friends with that light-heartedness that any 20-year-old girl like her persistently seeks as well as the sense of freedom that, after all, is the heart of the countryside of which it is aimed.

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«A new path is born from a single moment, a precise moment: the first step. The time is today, it is here, it is now. in each next step. We will be there “, reads the colored sweatshirts of Diadora in line with the steps that Madame and her friends take within that lake atmosphere, inviting those who watch them to relax and regain possession of the moment without thinking about what will come later. “Over the course of my career I have had several proposals, but I chose Diadora because it is an Italian brand that I have always followed”says Madame, a yellow Diadora sweatshirt and green Gucci trousers, sitting on a sofa in the Diadora headquarters in via Vigevano, a stone’s throw from Porta Genova.

At a certain point she points to the shoes, again Diadora, explaining that it hasn’t happened for a long time to wear a pair of shoes up to this point, confirming how much freedom and comfort are for her much more than an option. «We felt freedom on us, wings on our feet, without filters, without exclusions. It was beautiful and light, like an inspiration “, he continues talking about that day crystallized to promote the capsule, consisting of Joggers, hoodies and t-shirts with a soft cut in certified organic cotton, available in all sizes.


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What is lightness for you?
“I am a very heavy person by nature. A person who digs deep into things until he understands them, determined to give himself answers. Lightness is a state of peace and quiet where my brain doesn’t think more than it should. It is a dimension in which I am happy and in place and I do not need anything else ».

A lightness that, in this case, is closely linked to comfort. Do you think that the exterior must, in some way, reflect how we are inside?
“It is something I see in videos, filming and performances: if the dress is not suitable you feel it, because, after all, it is the dress that makes the monk. Dressing comfortably and feeling comfortable with what he wears is paramount for me ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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