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Madonna di Trevignano, the TAR agrees with the visionary: she must not dismantle the fence

The fence that delimits the prayer area of ​​the Madonna di Trevignano association, located in the park of Bracciano and Martignano, must not be removed. It was decided by Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, which accepted the appeal presented by Maria Giuseppa (Gisella) Scarpulla and her husband Gianni Cardia, who owns the Madonna di Trevignano Romano Ets-Onlus association.

It was the Park Authority itself, in December 2019, that granted permission to the married couple, in the belief that the land with a panoramic view of Lake Bracciano, which had been purchased by Scarpulla and Cardia from a local restaurateur, was intended for planting. It is a’area subject to landscape restrictions, intended for agriculture and livestock breeding. And you can’t build anything on it. On the 3rd of every month, however, hundreds of faithful gather in prayer on that ground to receive the alleged messages of the Madonna from the self-styled visionary Scarpulla.

The Park Authority therefore ordered the removal of the nets and poles which delimit the privately owned land, but also the structures positioned in the area: «The wooden building with a roof covered in slated sheathing; the glass case with the statue of the Madonna inside; the other wooden construction containing a votive statue; the gravel road; the wooden and metal benches, fixed into the ground using metal brackets; the wooden palisades to divide the land and the ropes with signs indicating vehicle parking and pedestrian transit areas”.

But the TAR order ruled in favor of the Madonna di Trevignano association. The local institutions have already announced that, after the publication of the reasons, they will appeal.

The last meeting took place on September 3rd of prayer. The fence and pole contested by the Municipality and the Park Authority had already been removed on the association’s land. Only the statue of the Madonna remains without a shrine and, instead of benches, there are plastic chairs.

Source: Vanity Fair

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