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Maduro says he is “ready” for an agreement to recognize election results

Less than 50 days before the presidential elections in Venezuela, the country’s president and candidate for re-election, Nicolás Maduro, joined the initiative that promotes the signing of an agreement before the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the recognition of the results of the election, marked for July 28th.

“I am ready to sign an agreement with the Electoral Power so that all candidates recognize the bulletin that the CNE will read on election day”, said the head of state on Monday (10) on his program “Con Maduro +”, broadcast on the state channel Venezolana de Television.

He made the statement after president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, last week asked the opposition to sign an agreement to recognize the results.

Furthermore, Rodríguez accused his political opponents of trying to install a matrix of fraud in the presidential elections.

“As it is already known that they will allege fraud, I challenge them (…). We are going to the CNE on Friday to sign a document in which we all commit to recognizing the results. I’m ready, Maduro is ready, and they?” commented Rodríguez, who also heads the Chavista campaign command.

Maduro also highlighted that “as soon as the CNE reads the results of July 28th at night, the blessed day of victory, the first thing I will do as president of the Republic, already ratified by the people, will be to call a great cultural meeting, business dialogue , social and political with the entire Venezuelan society”.

In addition to the current president, nine other candidates remain in the electoral race in Venezuela.

Edmundo González Urrutia, candidate for the Unitary Platform, which brings together the majority of opposition parties, did not refer to the topic. Neither did the opposition leader, María Corina Machado.

Antonio Ecarri, who identifies himself as an independent opposition candidate, called a press conference for this Tuesday (11) to comment on the recognition of the results.

Source: CNN Brasil

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