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Maduro says Milei wants to turn Latin America into a US colony

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, criticized again this Monday (13) the Argentine president, Javier Milei, in his weekly program on Venezuelan state television. Maduro said that leaders like Milei want to turn Latin American countries into colonies.

“I feel very ashamed when I see a person like (Javier) Milei, saying 'Yes, Sir' every time he meets General Richardson, commander of the Southern Command. He disguises himself as a soldier to say 'Yes, Sir'”, said the Venezuelan president.

Maduro also cited the dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands: “I wonder, what do the Argentine military feel? What do they feel, who gave their lives, who sent their children to fight in the Falklands. When do they see Milei saying 'Yes, Sir'? Those like Milei are those who want to impose a new colonialism in America. See that with Milei, Argentina has already handed over the Falkland Islands. He said the Falklands were British.”

During an event marking the 42nd anniversary of the Falklands War, in early April, Milei said he would work to return the islands to Argentine control.

The president of Venezuela also compared the dispute to Caracas' conflict with Guyana over the territory of Essequibo. “The same thing they want in Venezuela: to put an idiot, a puppet, someone who puts his name to hand over Guyana Essequiba to the United States, to Exxon Mobil. That's what they want. For the revolution to place a puppet here,” said Maduro.

Source: CNN Brasil

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