Magrini, Aifa: only one dose for those recovered from Covid within six months

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Single dose for those recovered from Covid-19. To be carried out within six months of negativization. This is the indication that came from Nicola Magrini, director of Aifa, the Italian drug agency. According to which it is very likely that, after the mass vaccination phase obviously marked by a race against time and against variants, we will still have to vaccinate us every year to always be sufficiently protected from Sars-CoV-2 and from mutations of the strains. Which will therefore become a kind of new flu, in terms of deadlines, with the difference that – unlike what happens with influenza viruses – vaccination will be recommended for everyone and not just for the elderly, the sick or frail subjects.

«Second generation vaccines are being developed for next winter that will be able to cover these variants with a simple recall. Here the interest in developing the idea not of a third dose per se but of further active vaccines against variants for maximum protection “, the director of Aifa underlined. Radio 24. Thus describing the passage, shared by many scientists, of one endemic phase infection just like that of the flu or measles. Against which, therefore, seasonal vaccines entrusted to general practitioners and pharmacies will be needed. Or maybe just one, multipurpose, on which for example Moderna is working and which should be able to protect us from flu and Sars-CoV-2. But there will be time.

As for those recovered from Covid-19, according to Magrini they should be vaccinated within six months of recovery but only with one dose: “Those recovered from Covid must be vaccinated within six months of recovery and must be vaccinated with a single dose” since “the second dose of vaccine or the possible third contact with the virus must be avoided because it also strains the immune system a little”. On the other hand, this is the line approved last March by the Ministry of Health with the agreement of Aifa itself and the Higher Health Council: vaccination should be administered within six months but not earlier than three months after documented infection. Not for everyone: for individuals with particular health problems, that is “to subjects who have immunodeficiency conditions, whether primary or secondary to pharmacological treatments” explains a circular on the subject, two doses should be reserved.

And on a recall with a different product from the one used for the first injection, as we have seen done for example in Germany and on which several studies are focusing, with promising results? Caution. “The choice to keep the second dose of AstraZeneca was based on data and on wanting to maintain confidence in this vaccine as well. Do the second dose with another vaccine however, it gives an excellent antibody response, as evidenced by studies that when we made the previous decisions they were not available. However, changing the strategy always gives uncertainty and hesitation, ”added the director of AIFA. In all likelihood, the publication of further scientific evidence you will get there.

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