Mahogany hair, the color you want to receive the year

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Changes of look They are always good, and if you think you already need a remarkable one in you and want something more drastic than a cut, this option may interest you. It is a very flattering hair dye for all complexions and hair tones. In addition, it is a color that will make you look younger, maintaining it is relatively easy and it will illuminate your face like you cannot imagine. Sounds amazing right?

We are talking about a hair tone that is called “mahogany” and it is a color between reddish and dark brown. Although we can say that right now it is a trend, the reality is that it is one of those shades that will never go out of style.

Adjust it to your complexion

One of the great benefits of this tonality is that you can modify it according to what you want to achieve. For this reason, you will find from very orange to very reddish tones and those that look more like a brown color.

So customizing this shade is key to getting the most out of it. The base will always be a mixture of brown and red, but from there, the shades are what will make the difference. The professional Raquel Saiz, from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz, explains the following:

If our skin and / or our eyes are light, choose to add more ‘ginger’ reflections and even, if you feel like it, use delicate blonde highlights. If your complexion is dark, go for brown highlights. Plum or purple will also be ideal. If you want to get it right, regardless of your skin type, choose medium tones, to which, in addition, you can add more reddish and chocolate touches.

Scanning, highlights, solid colors, the possibilities are many!

If you choose to wear a solid color, you can give prominence to brown for a very natural finish, while mixing plum tones will give you incredible results if you want to enhance the energy of the reds.

On the other hand, you can decide on a scanning the locks melting that make the brown tones remain at the roots and the redder ones at the ends, which will facilitate the maintenance of your dye and give movement to your hair.

What cut suits you?

Another point in favor of this tonality is that all the cuts are great. Raquel Saiz suggests opting for a very short cut if you chose a solid color, but if you want to have long hair, you should choose the highlights or scanning, to help the effect of movement in your mane. A bob or medium length hair will look spectacular with either of the two options. But that’s not all, because although any cut will look very cute, waves will make the tone stand out more.

Regarding the care to maintain the tone, as with any other dye, you should try to use special products for colored hair, in order to prevent the color from fading. Also, avoid washing your hair more than necessary and contact with chlorine and salt as much as possible. If you notice that the color is fading, use a shampoo with a red color.

The perfect shade!

Although the benefits of this tonality are many, it is important that you know that it accentuates the discolorations of the skin and there are experts who only recommend it to people with very smooth skin and with few imperfections.

Maybe after reading all this you are not quite sure to encourage such a drastic change, but do not worry! You can always opt for highlights in these shades to see if you like the result on you before committing to dyeing all of your hair. What really matters before any aesthetic change you make is that you feel happy with yourself and that you know that you will look beautiful.

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