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Maiara shows Simone Mendes' provocations: “If you let me, it's the whole day”

Maiara Maraisa's duo, showed this Tuesday (21) prints of their conversations with Simone Mendes , who jokes about the swimwear the singer wears in her Instagram photos. “Her bikini collection has to be respected, every day is a model”, said the owner of the hit “Erro Gostoso”.

After not answering Maiara's video calls, her friend migrates the chat to Whatsapp and also has no response when she calls. “You must be changing out of your bikini to go to the pool again!”, said Simone. The sequence of attempts and failed connections continues for a few more hours. “If you leave it, it’s the whole day,” Maiara wrote in the caption.

The first voice of the “Medo Bobo” duo showed a strong connection with other country artists. Also this Tuesday, the artist showed a breakfast with singer Lauana Prado, republished a video of Ana Castela saying that the name of her new dogs was in honor of the duo and then a print of a video call with Hugo, by the duo Hugo & Guilherme.

Maiara & Maraísa will record their new DVD, “iMEMsidão” this Thursday (23), at Pecuária de Goiânia, a traditional country music event in the capital of the state of Goiás. Among those invited to participate in the songs are Bruno & Marrone, Leonardo, Amado Batista and Di Paullo & Paulino.

Jaguariúna Rodeo announces shows by Gusttavo Lima and Lauana Prado

Source: CNN Brasil

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