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Mailchimp Suspends Cryptocurrency-Related User Accounts

Mailchimp Suspends Cryptocurrency-Related User Accounts

The mail service Mailchimp has suspended several cryptocurrency-related content creator and media accounts.

The list of blocked customers includes Edge Wallet, Messari and Decrypt, which have been using the Mailchimp service for their marketing emails for more than four years.

Edge’s problems began on Monday when the company was about to send out a new newsletter. However, she received a message that her account was “deactivated”.

According to Edge Wallet CEO Paul Puey, Mailchimp’s decision to suspend accounts may be related to sanctions against Tornado Cash. In addition, the problem may be that some of the high-ranking people at Mailchimp strongly dislike cryptocurrencies.

“I think it’s incredibly shortsighted,” he said.

Messari marketing head Jared Ronis told reporters that Mailchimp blocked access to the email service without any warning, and at this stage the company lost not only mailing services, but also access to subscriber lists.

Messari founder Ryan Selkis expressed tweeted his deep outrage at Mailchimp’s actions:

“Thank you for deplatforming some of the most respected crypto brands in the last 48 hours, including MessariCrypto and Decryptmedia. You have confirmed our opinion that Mailchimp and similar services should be destroyed.”

Account blocking also affected ordinary Mailchimp users, one way or another connected with the cryptocurrency industry. So, in early August, an NFT artist named Ocarina wrote on Twitter that her Mailchimp account was suspended while trying to announce an upcoming NFT release.

Ocarina received a message from Mailchimp that her account was suspended because “industry-related content violates the acceptable use policy.”

Mailchimp has been blocking members of the crypto industry since 2018. In response to incoming complaints, the company answeredthat “cryptocurrency-related information is not prohibited, and it can be sent if the account owner is not himself involved in the production, sale, exchange, storage or marketing of cryptocurrencies.”

In July, one of the most popular instant messengers in China, WeChat, published a new network usage policy, according to which all accounts that provide access to cryptocurrencies and NFTs will be blocked.

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