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Maite Perroni comments on controversy involving RBD tour: “It’s not fair for us”

Maite Perroni 41, commented last Monday (10) about a possible fraud at “Soy Rebelde Tour” tour and revealed the relationship between the members of the RBD. This is because the Mexican media reported that Anahi, 41, allegedly knew that her husband, Senator Manuel Velasco, 44, was embezzling money from shows.

Asked about the matter by a journalist from the YouTube channel “Chrisme No Like”, Maite began by saying that she had her “heart in her hands” and regretted what happened.

“We all feel this and at the same time it makes us very sad that after so many years, and so many dreams… and after 20 years of being able to go on stage together, a situation like this happens”, he said.

The singer added: “But we need to keep going, organize things, and let’s see what will happen.” It was then that Maite Perroni was questioned about the relationship of the other members of the group with Anahí, identified as an accomplice in the fraud.

“It is very difficult to make these types of notes, I think we should respect more and really Don’t destroy something so beautiful for what we have been all our lives”, he said.

“Unfortunately we are at a time when anything is said or done, they take it in another direction. It’s not fair to us for our history and for what we are living”, he added.

After Christián Chavez and Anahí herself commented on the rumors on the same day, Maite concluded by saying: “I think everyone has the right to express and give their opinion on what they want.”


Source: CNN Brasil

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