Major update to World of Warships: shipyard, British battleships and clan battles

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Yesterday, on August 8, the developers of World of Warships officially announced an update with an index of 0.11.7 called “Shipyard Puerto Rico” – due to the release of the update, the project’s servers will be unavailable from 05:00 am (Moscow time) on August 10 until 10:00 a.m. same day. However, the update is really impressive, so it’s worth the wait. For example, the developers of a multiplayer game will present a shipyard where it will be possible to build the X Puerto Rico ship in forty stages – it is equipped with twelve 305-mm guns on four turrets, boasts decent damage with armor-piercing rounds and improved ricochet angles.

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Also, together with the update, the 18th season of Sirens Clan Battles will start in the game — in the 6v6 format on Tier VIII ships. It should be noted right away that the season will last until October 3 (beginning on August 17), aircraft carriers are not allowed to participate in battles between clans, a team can have no more than one battleship and no more than three mercenaries. Moreover, the authors of the multiplayer competitive game presented a thematic campaign, during which the gamer will have to choose one of the teams, and then go on a journey around the world in order to unravel the mystery of the navigators – ancient sailors who explored the depths of the seas and oceans.

Of course, the game has a lot of new ships like British battleships (they will be presented in the Early Access format), plus the developers have improved the combat camera, relaunched blitzes, corrected submarines and made many changes to the matchmaking, which gamers have been actively complaining about lately. Gamers complained to the developers about the asymmetrical battles in terms of classes and levels, so now restrictions on the number of destroyers and submarines were introduced for each match.

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All the details of the update can be found on the official website.

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