Majority of US voters condemned the takeover of the Capitol, Republicans were divided

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The seizure of the Capitol building by supporters of the current US President Donald Trump is condemned by 71% of registered American voters. This is evidenced by the data of the YouGov survey.


21% of voters supported the actions of the protesters. At the same time, support and condemnation were significantly divided by party affiliation:

– Democrats: support 2%, condemn 96%;

– independent: support 21%, condemn 67%;

– Republicans: support 45%, condemn 43%.

Among those who are confident of significant fraud in the US presidential elections, the protesters were supported by 56%, while 34% condemned.

Most voters consider Trump to be responsible for what happened: 55% consider him to be significant, and another 11% blame him on some of the responsibility. 31% either do not see Trump’s guilt or consider it insignificant. On this issue, opinions were also divided by party sympathies: 96% of Democrats accuse Trump and only 28% of Republicans.

The survey involved 1,448 registered voters, of whom 1,397 were aware of the events in the Capitol. The poll was conducted on January 6 from 5:17 PM to 5:42 PM ET. The error is no more than 3.3%..

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