Mako of Japan, the last acts of a rebel: she refuses the royal dowry and the farewell rites to the status of princess

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It’s a fable on the contrary that of the princess Mako, grandson of the 126th Emperor of Japan Naruhito. Finally, by the end of the year, the 29-year-old will marry the bourgeois Kei Komuro. But the moment he says “yes” she will no longer be a princess. Because not a drop of royal blood flows in Kei’s veins. And the inflexible rules of the Chrysanthemum Throne stipulate that women of the imperial family who marry an ordinary mortal are deprived of royal titles. A renunciation that does not weigh on Mako. Because she is very much in love of that young man come on “Smiles like the sun” met in 2012 when they were both students of the International Christian University of Tokyo.

But giving up the title to Mako is not enough. The princess seems intent on break with all the traditions of the Chrysanthemum throne. The Imperial House has made it known that the twenty-nine year old will not receive the 150 million yen indemnity – circa one million and 100 thousand euros – which is usually granted to women who leave the court “to preserve the dignity of a person who was once a member of the imperial family”. Mako doesn’t want that rich imperial severance pay, to reaffirm its spirit of independence and the purity of his choice. For her love is more important than titles or money.

Mako said no, as the official Japanese agency Kyodo said, also the rites by which princesses usually abandon their dynastic rights and status to marry. And therefore nothing “Nosai no Gi”, or the party that provides for the exchange of gifts between the families of the betrothed. And nothing “Choken no Gi”, the official meeting with the emperor and consort before the wedding.

It was September 3, 2017 when the imperial agency publicly announced the official engagement, resulting in a wedding in the short term. In February 2018, the couple postponed the happy event explaining that he wanted to take more time to “think more deeply about marriage.” The wedding is postponed again in 2019, this time due to the bad financial situation of Komuro’s mother. Last November Mako’s father, Crown Prince Fumihito, putting aside the discontent for a union that will deprive the daughter of the titles, she gave her public support to the couple: “If that’s what they really want, I think as a parent I have to respect that choice».

The last episode of the telenovela, which seems to be finally coming to an end, should be set in the Big Apple. The Japanese government has made it known that after the wedding Mako and Kei will move to the United States, in New York. It is here, in fact, that he, fresh from Fordham’s law degree, should start working in a law firm. While for Mako a new chapter of life will open away from imperial obligations. Finally free, like any other person.

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