Malika, expelled by her parents: the new life in Milan with her girlfriend

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A new life has begun for Malika Chalhy, 23 years old from Castelfiorentino, thrown out of the house after coming out. Now he lives in Milan with his partner Camilla and their dog Frank. “I am looking for a job and would like to go to university, I am thinking of Law, after all I loved studying Law even when I worked in leather goods to be independent “, she tells Courier service.

In recent weeks, Malika has been trying to explain her family’s hatred. “Maybe, I think, it all started right away, when I was born.

I was not wanted. Point. My mother’s blows, my father’s insults. For any pretext, for any excuse, to punish me for my brother’s problems… Me I was always the wrong one anyway».

A few weeks after graduation, he remembers, «I went through one of those frequent post-adolescent moments of difficulty: I didn’t get out of bed, getting out of the room was already a challenge… And I had all the subjects under, I had to recover otherwise they would have failed me. My? Zero. Did I want to isolate myself from the world? Go ahead. I came out of it thanks to a teacher who, not without difficulty, managed to come and see me, and started a support path with a psychologist ».

But it was when she told her family that she was a lesbian that that already fragile balance fell apart. «The messages that I have made public have been read by many, the voice messages that I have spread just the same. For the two of them, and also for my brother, I don’t exist. I am dead and gone. Or, being still alive, they hope it will die. If I had stayed, it would have happened… I have to thank my friends if, thanks to the geo-localization with the mobile phone, they identified the point chosen to commit suicide. A matter of minutes ».

Malika has spent years trying to ease an alleged sense of guilt. “I didn’t know what you were up to, simply because I hadn’t done anything wrong, but I tried to appear transparent, so maybe they wouldn’t hit me. Someone brought up religion but to my father, born in Morocco, religion is less than zero interest … I left all the money I earned at home, I only kept the petrol to go to the factory. I wasn’t late in the evening, I didn’t bring people into my family, I kept quiet… ».

And now the parents “are waging a legal battle to remove my residence from their address.” But she looks ahead. «It’s about my mom and my father… How can I change them? I was a little girl from peperina and today I am a girl who gives her all».

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