Malta: Police threaten to dye hair and nails because they were told to shave

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The union body of its police officers Malta encouraged its members to provoke their superiors by dyeing their nails and hair in response to the ban on having a beard!

The feud between the two sides began last September when her union Malta Police was annoyed by the imposition of a new body regulation that made it clear that male police officers would have to be shaved or face disciplinary action and possibly be punished if they did not comply with the instructions.

The new regulation was created after the concern of its upper echelons Police for the cleanliness of the members of the police force. The instructions given stated that any police officer wearing a uniform and being in a public place could not “be unshaven or inappropriately dressed, be dirty or not be himself and his equipment tidy.” He added that “beards and their various variations are not allowed”.

The union has 1,779 members, out of the approximately 2,000 people who list its police force Malta, complained that the regulation is against the laws of the country. As he did not receive a response to his request for a review of the regulation, he launched a counterattack.

He instructed the men who are members to start from Monday (8/11), whether they wear a uniform and are in public places or not, to grow a beard “as long as it is groomed”. Then, in an effort to get more attention from superiors, the club said: “How can nail polish be used in any color, while the hair can be dyed as long as the color is not too intense.” He added that the police will not wear their hats as a sign of protest.

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