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Man dies victim of explosion during speedboat ride in Cabo Frio (RJ)

Aleksandro Leão Vieira, aged 36, died this Sunday (23), the second victim of the explosion on a speedboat in Cabo Frio, which occurred on Monday afternoon (17). The information was released by the Roberto Chabo State Hospital.

The first victim Davi Freire Zerbone, aged 4, died late last Friday afternoon (21).

The boat, which was carrying tourists from Vitória, in Espírito Santo, exploded on Monday afternoon (17) at sea in Cabo Frio, near Ilha do Japonês, leaving ten tourists injured.

According to the Alberto Torres State Hospital, where the other tourists are hospitalized, the health condition of Ana Livia Pimentel, 5 years old, is stable; Nayara Tauslane Andrade, 22 years old; and Caroline Pimentel, 28 years old. The health condition of Jean Andrade, aged 1 year and 5 months, is considered serious.

Patient Leticia Sampaio, 26 years old, was transferred to a hospital unit in Espírito Santo.

It was the third accident with speedboats in Cabo Frio in the last 37 days.

Other explosions

On May 10 of this year, six people were injured when the boat they were on exploded between the Itajuru Channel and Ilha do Japonês, in Cabo Frio.

The boat, which was carrying tourists from the city of Itaguara, in Minas Gerais, had its engine turned off and, after some attempts to restart it, it exploded. Of the six victims, three were children and one of them remains hospitalized until now due to burns.

A week later, on the 17th, a boat caught fire near Ilha do Papagaio, also in Cabo Frio. The five adults on the boat threw themselves into the sea and escaped unharmed.

Source: CNN Brasil

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