Man Gets 100 Erections a Day and Asks for Sex All the Time – ‘There’s No Rest,’ Says His Partner

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One pair of from Britain has a particularly spicy love life, since as the woman claims, her partner is in erection about 100 times a day and he is ready… for all occasions.

According to 39-year-old Lucas Martins is in relation to her Vikki Brown since 2020 and since then he claims to have found the woman of his life, whom he wants to marry. They met during the lockdown in the United Kingdom, when the 39-year-old visited the Morrisons supermarket in the city of Stoke-on-Trend.

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“As we were queuing, Lucas walked around the corner with a huge piece of sirloin steak in his basket and said ‘wow you’re beautiful.’ We talked and I turned down three coffee dates at first because I was so happy to be alone,’ Vikki said.

Lucas Martins and Vikki Brown
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Most, she has been in a relationship with him for two yearsbut as she mentions the fact that he has multiple erections during the day and is constantly asking for sex, it makes it difficult for her to keep up with her work and appointments.

“There’s no rest from it at all”

Vikki argues that her partner’s amorous desire remains undiminished from the first moment they met and how it happens non-stop all the timemaking it embarrassing at times.

“Throughout the relationship he has always had an erection, there is no rest from it at all“, he said, adding that “sometimes it’s embarrassing, but he just laughs about it.”

“In bed it’s the same, may go to bed with an erection and wake up with one, there is no change in it… It happens everywhere we are. It can happen while we are having a perfectly normal everyday conversation like where are we going next weekend,” he said characteristically.

It is noted that the average man experiences about 11 erections a day, while a healthy man has up to five erections during a full night’s sleep. Also, random erections are generally considered normal and can be a sign of good health, according to experts.

Source: News Beast

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