Man presents himself to the police in SP and says he participated in the deaths of Dom and Bruno

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A man presented himself to the Civil Police of São Paulo and claimed to have participated in the death of indigenist Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Philips, who disappeared on June 5, in the region of Vale do Javari, Amazonas.

In a document obtained by CNN This Thursday (23), the declarant, called “Gabriel”, said he was a resident of Manaus, but was residing in Atalaia do Norte.

Gabriel said that on the day of the incident, he was drinking with Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, known as “Pelado” and received an invitation to pilot the vessel. “I didn’t know what ‘Pelado’ was going to do,” he said.

Amarildo confessed, on June 15, to having participated in the murder of the duo.

Gabriel said that he and Amarildo spotted the boat called “voadeira”, which was carrying the victims, and before approaching Bruno Dom’s vessel, the deponent claims that Pelado took out a 16-inch shotgun and pointed it at the indigenist and the journalist — who didn’t react.

He also reported to the police that the first shot was fired at the “skinny”, referring to Dom Phillips. And then Amarildo fired a second shot at Bruno. According to Gabriel, the shots were fired at a distance of approximately three meters.

In relation to the crime scene, the suspect stated that the crime took place on the Madeira River, close to a community known as “Santa Isabel”.

After the shooting, both towed the victims’ boat and “Pelado” covered the bodies of Bruno and Dom “so as not to attract attention” – then went to get help.

According to Gabriel, two individuals arrived to help them, but he claims not to know their identities. He further alleges that he only has knowledge of one of the participants being a relative of Amarildo.

On Tuesday (14) the Federal Police arrested Oseney da Costa Oliveira, 41, for allegedly being involved in the case. He is Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira’s brother. Investigation teams found blood and traces that would be human on their vessel.

The suspect told the São Paulo police that the participants in the murders navigated the waters of the river until they found a more hidden place. He says that he removed the bodies along with Pelado and the other two men.

Gabriel claims to have been responsible for taking Bruno and Dom’s belongings and hiding them in the woods, while the other suspects disposed of the victims’ bodies and the boat.

Among the goods of the indigenist and the journalist were a camera, medicine, and other items. According to Gabriel, he thought about taking the utensils with him, but decided to leave it in the woods for fear that it might compromise him.

After the crime, he claims to have fled through Santarém, and then took a bus to Manaus. The path continued to Rondonópolis (MT) and arrived in São Paulo. Gabriel says he was on the streets and says “he couldn’t take the situation any longer, because he was feeling guilty”, for having small children.

According to the report, the deponent arrived in São Paulo and stayed on the streets until he decided to report to the police.

Gabriel was also questioned by the authorities about the physical characteristics of the individuals who participated in the crime and disposed of the bodies. He claims that the “relative of Pelado” has physical characteristics similar to his.

The second person involved would be “thinner and a little lighter, but the same size”, says the declarant.

The Federal Police investigate five suspects for the crime.

Gabriel also claims that Amarildo promised not to hand him over to the police “if the house falls”. He believes the shooting at Dom was motivated by jealousy.

“He shot and killed the skinniest ‘gringo’ [Dom Phillips] for the reason that he [Amarildo] said; that of having messed with his wife,” he said.

Asked about Bruno’s death, he died “for free” so as not to incriminate him

Source: CNN Brasil

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