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Man says spider laid eggs after biting his foot; expert rules out

A British man claims a spider laid eggs on his big toe when it bit him off the coast of Marseille, France, but an arachnid expert told CNN that this is not an acceptable possibility.

“No spider on Earth can lay eggs on a person’s finger,” declared veterinary entomologist Nancy Hinkle, professor at the University of Georgia, in the United States.

British Colin Blake was traveling with his wife on a cruise to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, when he was injured in his big toe, which swelled quickly. The ship’s doctor diagnosed the case as a sting of a Peruvian wolf spider.

According to Blake, when the doctor treated the wound, pus with black dots came out of the wound. “These are the eggs, but don’t worry, I took them all out,” the man who helped him said, according to the Briton’s report.

When he returned to England, Blake took six weeks of antibiotics, and an MRI scan revealed a sharp object in his toe, which was removed by a podiatrist.

“I asked: what are these thorns? And they said, ‘Well, they would eventually become the legs,’” the Brit told CNN .

But Blake’s foot infection gradually improved and, for researcher Nancy Hinkle, it was more likely caused by bacteria.

Source: CNN Brasil

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