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Man stabs ex-wife and her parents in Pernambuco

“It could have cost me my life and the lives of my family.” The outburst comes from makeup artist Karollyne Kerlys, 29 years old, stabbed by her ex-boyfriend in the early hours of Wednesday (15) in Jaboatão dos Guararapes, in the metropolitan region of Recife (PE).

The suspect is businessman Bruno de Andrade Lima de Albuquerque, 31, who is on the run. He is investigated by the Civil Police of Pernambuco for attempted murder. Police officers were at his home and seized four detonated ammunition cases and 64 12-gauge CB ammunition still intact.

The first information from the investigation indicates that Bruno had broken into and invaded his ex’s apartment. Armed with a knife, he stabbed Karollyne and her parents, who were injured.

“I am reborn! God gave me a new chance. And I want to tell you who are in an abusive relationship, get out while there is still time”, wrote Karollyne on her Instagram profile.

The businessman faces at least three other lawsuits for violence against women.

He is accused of stalking, threats, domestic violence, kidnapping, false imprisonment and bodily harm against different women. In the first criminal action, for persecution and threat, he was acquitted in the first instance. The remaining cases do not yet have a sentence.

Other side

The report was unable to locate the accused’s defense. A lawyer who defends him in other cases, also about violence against women, informed that she has not yet been approached by him or his family to take on the case and that, therefore, she believes that she will not be responsible for defending him in the process.

The report also tried to contact Bruno via the cell phone number listed in his name in one of the criminal cases to which he responds.

The space remains open to demonstrations.

Source: CNN Brasil

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