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Man steals police gun, shoots two agents and is arrested in SP

A man was arrested this Thursday afternoon (1st) after taking a military policeman’s gun and shooting at two PM agents during an approach. The case occurred in the neighborhood of São Mateus, in the east zone of São Paulo.

The weapon was found during the afternoon, in possession of another boy, who did not participate in the incident, but was also arrested for being a fugitive from justice.

The case occurred around 9 am on Rua Antonio Coutinho. A pair of military police officers approached two men, one of whom was a teenager, when the older one broke free and got into a physical fight with the PMs. In the confrontation, the suspect managed to grab the officer’s gun, and shot the two officers.

One was hit in the face and the other in the leg and abdomen. The suspect responsible for the shooting and the other boy approached fled the scene.

A witness called for help and the two military police received the first assistance from the Fire Department and also by a Military Police Eagle helicopter, which transported both to the Hospital das Clínicas. in the central region of the capital of São Paulo.

According to the Military Police, the state of health of the police officers is stable. They performed tests to analyze the need for surgical intervention and are still under observation.

The duo was arrested in a neighborhood close to where the confrontation with the PMs took place. The two were taken to the 49th DP (São Mateus). According to the PM, one of them was already wanted by Justice for drug trafficking.

Around 1:30 pm, a team from the 4th Battalion of Special Actions (Baep) managed to recover the weapon that had been stolen from one of the police officers.

The weaponry was with a third man and was found on Rua Heliodoro de Paiva, in the Jardim Augusto neighborhood, also on the east side. The boy was not involved in the case, but ended up being arrested and also taken to the 49th District for being a fugitive from justice.

Source: CNN Brasil

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