Man waited in a corner for his lost love for almost 50 years

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Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world and although today the opposite is thought, this feeling is capable of changing the course of a person’s life.

This was exactly what happened to Pak Arifin, a man who for decades waited for his beloved, but she never came. However, Arifin never gave up hope or stopped loving her.

A love that just couldn’t be

Pak Arifin, Indonesian man who waited for his beloved in the same place for more than 50 years

Arifin is originally from Malang, Indonesia. In the 1970s, the country was going through a very difficult situation, which led him and his beloved to separate. However, that did not stop the two from vowing to meet again. Although this promise was never fulfilled, he did not lose hope and after the city was safe again, he went every day to the same corner where he and his partner met. It used to be there from before the sun came up until evening.

Pak waited for her until her last day of life

Note printed on press sheet to remember the life of Pak Arifin

Most of the citizens of Malang knew Pak and his history. Although he seemed quite cute to them, they knew that the living conditions he had were not the most suitable, but they could never convince him to stop going to that place. Unfortunately, in April 2017 this man was found lying on the sidewalk with signs of violence.

Those who used to help him took him to the hospital, but unfortunately Arifin passed away shortly after entering the clinic. He could never be reunited with his beloved, so his friends decided to place an epitaph in the place where he was always seen:

Rest in peace

Mbah Arifin / Sr. Gombloh

XXXX – April 8, 2017

Since 1970, he sat in this place day and night to fulfill his promise.

He waited for his beloved until finally his time to leave.

‘The power of love’

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