Man who destroyed watch in Planalto was silent in PF

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The suspect of having broken, in the Planalto Palace, the Balthazar Martinot clock, a work of art from the 17th century, was silent in the Federal Police (PF). The mechanic Cláudio Ferreira was arrested in Uberlândia, in Minas Gerais.

He lived in Catalão, a city in the interior of Goiás, before committing the crime in the Planalto Palace. The vandal was filmed destroying the clock using the internal camera system at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Republic.

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When questioned about the criminal acts, in the statement of testimony obtained by the CNN it is said that the man “decided to make use of the right to remain silent”.

This Tuesday (24), the PF executed a search and seizure warrant at the man’s residence. When the said warrant was carried out, a cell phone, a vehicle and a notebook containing notes were seized.

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Investigations to identify the people who participated, financed or encouraged the events that occurred on January 8 are ongoing.

Source: CNN Brasil

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