Managers from the private sector are being examined at EFKA

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Of Dimitris Katsaganis

The government is oriented towards the utilization of potential of the private sector and for administrative positions of EFKA, according to secure information of by executives of the funds with a picture of the provisions of the bill under their modernization.

This bill has been announced in advance by the Minister of Labor, Kostis Hatzidakis, and, according to the statements, will provide for the introduction of new management methods, within the constitutional legality.

Sources of from executives of the funds state that on the table is the introduction of the possibility of selecting executives of EFKA from both the private and the wider public sector, and not only from EFKA or the Ministry of Labor.

And this based on objective, new, high criteria, so as to attract executives with the best possible qualifications.

The scenario of introducing the possibility of inclusion of individuals in the management staff of EFKA is coming, while the Ministry of Labor has already launched two important new initiatives of cooperation of the funds with the private sector.

The first initiative is the training – certification of self-employed lawyers and accountants for the award of new pensions, while the second is the operation of the single telephone line of “1555” with the participation of private companies.

In more detail, as stated by the Minister. Labor, Kostis Hatzidakis, during the presentation of the full operation of “1555”, the old telephone exchange of EFKA e.g. It operated during public hours and answered only 800 calls per day, with an average waiting time of 20 minutes.

He could not answer 1/3 of the calls either because he did not have enough staff during peak hours or because the citizens got tired of waiting in their handset and hung up!

We are therefore called upon to address a situation of non-service and the urgent need to find an immediate solution in the midst of a pandemic. So we chose to create a complete service mechanism, a line “to find an edge”.

Deloitte undertook the implementation of the project following an invitation to the 5 largest companies in the industry (PWC, Grant Thornton, KPMG, E&Y), with the participation of the three largest call center providers, Cosmote / Evalue, Teleperformance and Mediatel, which have international experience, know-how and sufficient staff for the needs of such a large undertaking.

As for the private accountants and lawyers, on Monday, November 15, 179 certified accountants and lawyers got a job at e-EFKA and will be able to be selected by the insured to undertake the rapid issuance of their pension, according to an announcement.

At the same time, on Friday, November 12, the second cycle of training-certification of 1,200 additional accountants and lawyers began.


– As of Wednesday, November 10, the 179 certified accountants and lawyers can apply for registration on the electronic platform that has been created (

– From Friday, November 12, they connected to the platform in order to set their time availability for future appointments with the insured who submit a retirement application.

– From Monday, November 15, the certified can be selected by the insured who submits an electronic application for retirement on the website of e-EFKA, to undertake his retirement case. The insured will be shown those certified who are available (they have undertaken less than five cases) and after selecting the one he wishes, then he sets the date and time of the appointment with the certified. He will then receive an e-mail that his case has been assigned to the certified professional of his choice and that the appointment he has chosen when submitting the online retirement application is valid.

It is reminded that in the first phase, the certified can undertake new retirement cases of the IKA, the OGA and the OAEE, which correspond to 75% of the total number of applications each month.

At the same time, from Friday, November 12, the second cycle of training-certification of the next in the priority series of 1,200 accountants and lawyers began.

In addition, the ministerial decision has been issued, according to which the Electronic National Social Security Agency (e-EFKA) creates a special platform accessible through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration ( EIP), for the assignment by the interested insured or licensees to the certified professionals of the partnership project in the process of granting pension benefits by e-EFKA and for the provision of services for accelerating the granting of pension benefits.


Source From: Capital

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