Manaus Free Trade Zone companies earn R$ 116.59 billion in 2021

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Companies that operate in the Industrial Pole in the Manaus Free Trade Zone earned R$ 116.59 billion in the period from January to September this year. A growth of 42.27% compared to the same period last year, when the pole registered R$ 81.95 billion in sales. The data were passed on by the Manaus Free Trade Zone Superintendence (Suframa) this week.

The result of the first nine months maintains the sales forecast until December, which should be between R$ 140 and R$ 145 billion. The result is driven by the growth of the IT goods segment, which represents 27.37% of the entire turnover of the Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM).

According to the balance sheet, exports also ended the first nine months of the year on a high. Until September, the center had exports of US$ 331.92 billion, which indicates a growth of 25.08% compared to the same period in 2020, when the result of exports registered US$ 265.37 billion. The increase, according to the superintendence, was driven by the variation in the exchange rate.

According to Suframa, despite the positive result, the intention is to increase the share of exports from the Free Zone. “Among the measures being taken, we can highlight the improvement of the business environment and the commercial promotion and investment attraction actions carried out by Suframa, which seek to highlight the various windows of business opportunities that exist in the technological and productive environment of the Free Trade Zone Manaus”, informed the agency’s advisors.

Among the sectors that showed a positive performance is that of computer goods, which had sales of R$31.88 billion and growth of 48.69% in the period from January to September. Next comes the electronics sector, with sales of R$ 25.38 billion and growth of 22.77%; the two-wheel one, with sales of R$ 14.84 billion and growth of 44.34%; thermoplastic, with sales of R$ 10.18 billion and growth of 76.26%; metallurgy, with sales of R$9.95 billion and growth of 46.87%; the chemical, with sales of R$9.43 billion and growth of 36.48%; and the mechanic, with sales of R$8.13 billion and growth of 69.48%.


According to Suframa, among the main products manufactured in the industrial center of Manaus, the items with the greatest increase in production in the period from January to September 2021 were home theaters (83,942 units and growth of 154.95%); tablets (1,437,576 units and growth of 148.85%); dvd record player, including blue ray (318,734 units and growth of 132.50%); and portable microcomputers (761,786 units and growth of 84.39%).

Other products that stood out in the period include motorcycles, scooters and mopeds (913,943 units and growth of 31.36%); type air conditioners split system (4,694,487 units and growth of 47.63%); and wrist and pocket watches (5,572,447 units and 65.38%) growth.

In the first nine months of 2021, the Manaus industrial hub recorded a 4.57% increase in the number of workers, including permanent, temporary and outsourced workers. There were 102,555 registered workers, compared to 98,073 registered in September last year.

With the results calculated up to September, the monthly average of direct jobs in the PIM, in 2021, was established at 102,794 workers, an increase of 11.70% in relation to the monthly average for the same period in 2020, whose average was 92,023 workers.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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