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Måneskin, an overwhelming race between rock visions: how is the new album Rush!

From the Coachella to the Circus Maximus, from Rock in Rio to Summer Sonic. While the traces of Rush!, the highly anticipated new album by Maneskin out on January 20, it feels like staying on top of a train, which moves unstoppable from one end of the planet to the other. And while the seventeen songs follow one another, it is as if from the windows the panorama cconstantly ambiting, taking different forms but without betraying an original identityfaithful to a sort Red thread that holds the path together.

It’s all extremely rock, extremely Måneskin. We previewed the third album of the Roman band testifying human, artistic and musical growth. From the irrepressible desire to plunge headlong in the world and say here we are – which had characterized the first two discs – the need to project oneself now emerges towards inner experiences. The extraordinary and eventful 2022 of Damian, Victoria, Thomas And Ethan, between awards and stages, coincides with a trip to self discovery.

lie down on the ground, as on the cover, they respond differently to the same input: there is a model who he jumps past themmaybe he crushes them or maybe he charms them, and everyone broadcasts your own state of mind with facial expression. Euphoria, fear, amusement, amazement. There he is Rush!the interweaving of four distinct personalities around a single sound imprint: from the punk impetus of kool kidsvery London in the seventiesto the overwhelming energy of Gasolinespassing through engaging ballads how timezone.

Until three Italian texts, The Gift of Life, The end And Mark Chapmannamed after the killer of John Lennona song that addresses the perverse short circuit from stalking: “He says he loves me, but I know he’s lying.” Which is also ua nudge to hypocrisy. On the other hand, the Måneskin have always madeimmediate honesty their flagship, one of the magical ingredients of their explosion: they come out right away for what they are, whether playing on a crowded street in Rome, or at the Mtv Video Music Awards.

The upcoming album – mainly produced by Fabrizio Ferraguzzo and Max Martin, recorded between, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Italy – really represents the new checkpoint of this exciting race together: Rush!

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