Maneskin, no postponement for the Roman concert (but the Covid alarm remains)

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The Maneskins are ready to inflame the audience of the Circus Maximus in Rome during the concert on Saturday 9 July, but the expectation of 70,000 people at the event has raised a number of concerns. The Capitol, however, reassures, inviting the use of masks, possibly FFp2.

But what happened? The Fimmig (Italian Federation of General Practitioners) had raised doubts about the security of an appointment that could potentially become a cluster giant, also due to the continuous increases in infections in the Lazio Region due to the Omicron variant (with numbers that in the previous days exceeded 10 thousand cases).

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The controversy is a pretext – says the commissioner to the Great Events, Tourism, Sport and Fashion of the Capital, Alessandro Onorato – elsewhere no restrictions on outdoor concerts ».

It has added to further stirring in the fans the positivity of Giorgia Solerigirlfriend of frontman Damiano David: the influencer revealed the result of the swab via social media: he posted a photo with the words “It happened”, and then canceled the next commitments in person for the promotion of his book.

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Meanwhile the band, from the Instagram profile of 6 million followers, publishes a backstage image from the stage with the caption “work in progress”confirming the reassurances to those who are waiting from 2021 for the time to meet the winners of the Sanremo Festival andEurovision Song Contest. The Roman group, currently in theaters as part of the Elvis soundtrack, Baz Luhrmann’s biopic presented at the Cannes Film Festival, is enjoying the success of Supermodel and a world tour with mind-boggling numbers. The Loud Kids Tour brings the Maneskin “home”, who started playing right on the streets of the city center, in via del Corso, before the auditions for X-Factor that changed their lives and careers.

The Italian dates of 2023

February 23, 2023 Pesaro, Vitrifrigo Arena
February 25, 2023 Turin, Pala Alpitour
March 16, 2023 Bologna, Unipol Arena
March 17, 2023 Bologna, Unipol Arena
20 March 2023 Florence, Nelson Mandela Forum
21 March 2023 Florence, Nelson Mandela Forum
24 March 2023 Rome, Palazzo dello Sport
25 March 2023 Rome, Palazzo dello Sport
March 28, 2023 Naples, Palapartenope
March 29, 2023 Naples, Palapartenope
March 31, 2023 Bari, Palaflorio
April 3, 2023 Milan, Mediolanum Forum
April 4, 2023 Milan, Mediolanum Forum
April 6, 2023 Milan, Mediolanum Forum
May 5, 2023 Milan, Mediolanum Forum

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