Måneskin smashed another record: they are the first in the Spotify chart in the world

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Hungry, unstoppable, able to live their golden moment without overdoing it but, on the contrary, moving the pieces of their chessboard with extreme intelligence and wit. After the victory at the Sanremo Festival and the exploit at the Eurovision Song Contest, i Måneskin continue to dominate the charts around the world until reaching a new milestone: reaching the top of the list of the most listened to songs on Spotify worldwide. With the cover of Beggin of Madcon, in fact, the barefoot band good 4 you by Olivia Rodrigo reaching the beauty of 47.3 million plays and thus establishing yet another record in just a month and a half.

The cover, which was a Måneskin workhorse since the days of X Factor, allows Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio to conquer, in this way, the first place in the Spotify Global Chart and to celebrate the goal by posting on their Instagram channel some photos of when they were little: “These children have just conquered the first place in the Spotify Global Chart” wrote the Måneskin as a caption , convinced that the best is yet to come. Meanwhile, however, the golden age måneskigna continues: after landing on TikTok with an incredible live from Berlin and after the passionate kiss between Thomas and Damiano in favor of diversity from the Polish stage where they were performing, the time of the Big Apple has also arrived for Måneskin.

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For six days, in fact, the Roman band will dominate a mega ledwall a Times Square thanks to Billboard and Spotify, who have developed a playlist dedicated to them, This Is Moonlight, just in light of the streaming results of the last few weeks. “We are constantly checking the Spotify rankings to monitor our results and we are still in disbelief at the crazy results and the great success we are enjoying. Also, we have just finished a tour across Europe, meeting a lot of fans in every country we went to, and we’re really happy with that, ”Måneskin told the streaming service’s blog, looking to the future with their feet on the ground.

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