Måneskin, the video for “I wanna be your slave”: a hymn to a freely lived sexuality

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The aesthetic is that of the past, of years that have passed and never come back. THE Moonlight, the colors and shapes of the decade between 1970 and 1980, have exploited a well-known imaginary to tell, this time in their own way, what sexuality is, what the relationship with the body and what with the other. In their underwear, stereotypical men’s white briefs, they sang I wanna be your slave, giving the song an author’s video.

The movie was presented with a world premiere.

They sang in Simone Bozzelli’s video. Damiano David kissed Thomas, as he already did during his live performances. This time, however, there were no messages to stop the music. The Måneskin, returning from a success that took them outside the territorial boundaries, among the top twenty-four positions of the international Spotify chart, let the song speak for itself. And, together, the gestures chosen to accompany him. Partial sadomasochism and nudity punctuated the video, available on the Youtube channel of the Roman band. Small gestures of a love lived according to one’s own individuality followed. Nipples, kisses. The Måneskin have tried to tell, through deliberately contrasting images, what freedom means. To love, to be and to appear.

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