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Manhunt for 'spider woman' in Brazil – She gave poisoned sweets to her boyfriend and kissed him

Brazilian police have launched a manhunt for a “spider woman” who allegedly poisoned her boyfriend, days after an elevator camera “caught” them sharing a passionate kiss. On May 20, businessman Louise Ormond was found dead in his apartment after neighbors alerted the police due to a strong stench coming from his home. Authorities believe that his girlfriend, Julia Cathermol, put poison in a traditional Brazilian sweet, brigadeiros, and offered it to the victim. Although the autopsy report did not reveal Ormond's cause of death, the coroner found, as reported by the Mirror, chocolate residue in his digestive system, while the body was found in a state of advanced decomposition on the sofa, with a mark on the head from trauma. In fact, the fans were in operation with one facing an open window, while a package of morphine was also found, according to Brazilian media. The businessman was last seen in the pool of the building with me […]
Source: News Beast

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