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Man’s skull pierced by piece of wood during construction in Rio de Janeiro

A 28-year-old man had his skull pierced by a piece of wood, this Wednesday (10), in the city of Mangaratiba, metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

Vitor Soares do Nascimento was hit while working on a construction site. The piece of wood fell from a roof and caused a 6-centimeter hole in the worker’s head.

He was taken to the Victor de Souza Breves Municipal Hospital, located in Mangaratiba. Vitor’s condition was considered critical and he was transferred to the Adão Pereira Nunes Municipal Hospital, in Duque de Caxias, in Baixa Fluminense.

The management of the Adão Pereira Nunes Hospital reported that a skull tomography was performed and revealed a frontal facial fracture, with bone fragments and deep brain contusion.

In addition, he underwent emergency surgery and is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and is breathing with the help of machines.

Source: CNN Brasil

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