Manu Gavassi honors Rita Lee on the return of Acústico MTV: “I’m a big fan”

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THE MTV acoustic by Manu Gavassi in tribute to the album “Forbidden Fruit” by Rita Lee arrives this Thursday (2) at Paramount +.

The production marks the return of a successful MTV series, where artists perform their songs in acoustic version.

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In an interview with CNN Manu revealed why he chose, unlike the last versions, to pay homage and sing “Forbidden Fruit” .

“It was a wish I had for a long time because I’m a big fan of Rita. Besides being my favorite album of hers, it’s very significant for her career. I see it as an emancipation of Rita after the Mutantes. From there, she took complete autonomy of her career and it was elevated to another level”, she explained.

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“I think my identification at this point in my life with this album made me take this courage to take this idea forward to MTV”, he added.

In a small theater, the singer merged two universes, creating a meeting between 30-year-old Rita when she released the album in 1975 and 30-year-old Manu in 2023.

“A lot of things in my last few projects, I referenced a lot of things she had already done. It wasn’t difficult to bring these two worlds together in a way that this interpretation of her work made sense now for me and didn’t become mimicry or cosplay”, she said.

All the preparation and recording took place in a month and Manu spoke to the CNN about this process.

“One of the things that made me most insecure was that. Generally, to record a show like this you have a lot of rehearsals and you also have a lot of intimacy with the songs you are going to record. I had intimacy listening to the songs, I had never sung them for real”, he said.

“The pitches are much higher than what I sing, there’s a lot more screaming, things I usually don’t do with my voice. For fear of taking risks, it made me a lot bigger as an artist”, he added.

Manu had the participation of other artists for the tribute. Among them: Liniker and Tim Bernardes.

“As a fan of both, it’s very surreal to have them with me on this project,” he said.

It was a big dream

Manu Gavassi

Source: CNN Brasil

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