Maori tribe urges vaccinators not to reproduce haka dance in protests

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A race of Maori in New Zealand, which owns the copyright of the most famous traditional khaka dance, on Monday (15/11) asked the protesters against its vaccines covid-19 do not use it to promote their message.

Its legislation New Zealand has recognized the race Ngati Toa as its cultural guardians haka Ms. Mate, which the vaccinators reproduced during their recent demonstrations against the restrictions adopted in the country to stop covid-19.

“We do not support their positions,” the tribe said in a statement. “The Ngati Toa condemn the use of haka Ms. Mate to promote anti-vaccination messages covid-19“, He added.

Although there are many forms of haka that have been created by different breeds for different uses and occasions, the “Mrs. Mate” is best known for being danced by its national rugby team New Zealand, also known as All Blacks, before every race for more than a century.

THE New Zealand, which has one of the lowest incidence rates covid-19 worldwide, is struggling to cope with a new wave of the epidemic due to the highly contagious Delta executive of coronavirus.

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was forced to change its government strategy and now states that the New Zealanders they must learn to live with the virus.

Its goal Ardern is to vaccinate 90% of citizens who can be immunized before the lockdowns are lifted.

At the moment the percentage of fully vaccinated against it covid-19 reaches 81%, but the New Zealand Prime Minister admits today that health authorities have difficulty convincing some young people Maori due to misinformation about vaccines.

“So it is not a question of access. We are trying to overcome much more than that and from the discussions I had, this is one of the issues that is difficult for all of us “, pointed out the Ardern referring to the misinformation speaking on the television station TVNZ.

As of November 13, 76% of Maori had received a dose of covid-19 vaccine and 60% were fully vaccinated.

Authorities announced 173 new coronavirus cases on Monday (15/11), bringing the total to more than 8,500.

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