Mara Maionchi, Orietta Berti and Sandra Milo: Those Good Girls traveling for Sky

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Purse, suitcase and plane ticket in your hands, Orietta Berti, Mara Maionchi and Sandra Milo are ready to leave for their new adventure. Which will take them to a still unknown destination, but will do so under the eyes of the cameras Those Good Girls, new product from Blu Yazmine which will air on Sky e Now in 2002.

The three icons of Italian music, TV and cinema, who are participating in a project together for the first time, met directly at the airport, ready to embark for a surprise destination that we only know is very far away. However, it will not be exactly a relaxing holiday because the three ladies will also have to face tests in order to learn more about the culture, customs and traditions of the places they will visit. However, the challenge does not scare them: “Now that I’m about to leave, I feel like a little girl,” assures Sandra Milo, “I like new experiences. I like the idea of ​​being able to know new things and doing it with Mara and Orietta who are two fantastic people ».

Equally enthusiastic about the company she also proved Orietta Berti, that accepted the challenge due to the presence of Mara Maionchi and Sandra Milo: «I’ve known Mara very well for many years, we met Sandra only a few times but I respect her so much», he said. “And then I’m a Gemini, so I’m curious!” Admitting that much of her yes to the project is due to the secret kept by the production on the destination.

One place was worth the other, however, for Mara Maionchi who, recognizing that she hasn’t traveled much in her life, declares herself curious about everything: “I’m excited, happy and above all I hope to have a lot of fun with the girls, I have never been a great traveler but like Salgari I have traveled a lot with the imagination».

In this adventure, in which they will move with a special van, the three Good girls they will not be alone: ​​to accompany them there will be a driver, who will also be their jack-of-all-trades, ready to meet any need if necessary. After all, the goal of the production is not to make the public witness extreme situations or risky adventures, but to convey the concept that the desire to travel, have new experiences and get involved does not depend on the date of birth written on the identity documents, but on the spirit with which one faces life. The only thing that matters, after all, is enthusiasm. And these three good girls have a lot to sell.


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