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Maraisa pregnant? Advisory clarifies Maiara's kiss on her sister's belly

During a show by the country duo at the weekend, Maiara kissed Maraisa's belly while the two sang the song “Anunciação”, by Alceu Valença. The gesture caused fans of the two sisters to begin speculating on social media about a possible pregnancy .

In the video, you can see Maraisa exclaiming “Oh my God” after her sister kissed her belly. Look:

A CNN she contacted the singers' advisor to clarify the doubt: “She's not pregnant!”, informed the advisor.

Maiara's gesture was just a joke between the two.

The advisor also took the opportunity to deny rumors that Maraisa was trying to get pregnant with her fiancé, Fernando Mocó. According to her, the singer visited a fertility clinic to do tests and plan for the future, and is not taking any type of treatment to get pregnant now.

“She has been going to a fertility clinic for exams and embryo collection, to be sure of having them stored, in case she needs to use them in the future”, explained the advisor.

Source: CNN Brasil

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