March what a glitz

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I wanted to tell you that March is a crucial month for sowing. As soon as there is no longer the risk of night frosts, you can start sowing the potted vegetable garden on the balcony. I read it in the manual by Matteo Cereda, the garden guru, which is called Put vegetable gardens on your balconies (Rizzoli).

I have two children born in March, which seems like a good month to start anything, in fact before the Julian reform it was the first month of the year, then oh well.

Rosa Luxemburg and Pier Paolo Pasolini were born on March 5, two absolute geniuses both killed, she at 48 and he at 53. On March 24, Lawrence Ferlinghetti was born, who instead just left at 101, after a life quite funny.

In March there is the rain of March “which is what it is, the life expectancy you carry with you”. The lockdown began on March 9 last year. March 8 is Women’s Day. Spring this year in the Northern Hemisphere begins on March 20. On the Ides of March in 44 BC Julius Caesar was assassinated, and it was a nice mess. “Crazy March look at the sun and take an umbrella” is one of the silliest proverbs there is, while “March, the snake comes out of the leap” has its own grandeur. March 19 is San Giuseppe. This year, on March 1st, the colors of the regions changed: Molise and Basilicata became red and Piedmont, Lombardy and Marche orange. March comes from Mars, god of war but also of the spring harvest. March in Campidanese is martzu as in Serbian. ‘What a cloudy March night! What a peaceful morning! What a clean sky! What a splendor of pearls! »Wrote Giovanni Pascoli. Daylight saving time begins on 28 March and the days are getting longer and from 27, cinemas and theaters should reopen in the yellow areas.
In short, March is the ideal month to do a detox diet and to plan the wardrobe change and spring cleaning. All, of course, after the real event of the month: the Sanremo Festival.

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