Marchestorie: the festival to discover the villages of the Marche

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They are full of beauty, traditions, flavors, history and stories: is the great wealth of villages, which the Marche is now celebrating with a party, which lasts entire weeks and involves the whole region, from the sea to the mountains. A party that is the perfect opportunity to dedicate a weekend of great discoveries, to get to know ancient perched settlements, medieval fortresses, wonderful cities and churches with a mysterious charm, but also to taste new foods, get excited: there “MArCHESTORIE! Tales and traditions from the festive villages», A festival in its first edition (started on September 2nd) which will go on until Sunday September 19th.

A unique opportunity to discover an often little known face of Walk, a region framed between seas and mountains that surprises for the variety of unspoiled landscapes and the wealth of treasures. A millenary territory in whose centuries-old folds lie myths, legends, arcane and real mysteries: legendary, mysterious, esoteric, supernatural and mythological events and places.

The intent of MArCHESTORY! it is precisely to guide people towards a greater knowledge and awareness of the territory through the great heritage of tradition, not least that of oral tradition, part of the regional cultural heritage, to the rediscovery of the collective imagination of the Marche region.

The party will involve over fifty villages, divided into the five provinces that make up the region. The small towns of the seismic crater and the Apennine ridge, as well as those of the coast, will come alive from Thursday to Sunday, from six to midnight, with shows, openings of churches and palaces, shops and restaurants, libraries and collections: entire communities will be involved who will show their beauties by telling and staging theirs history. It will be the protagonist not only of shows but also of guided tours, exhibitions, exhibitions, demonstrations, meetings and presentations, themed menus, handicrafts, widespread animation, costume reconstructions together withirreplaceable intangible tradition of the story, true heart of the event.

The Festival, supported by the Marche Region and wanted by the President Francesco Acquaroli and by the Regional Councilor for Culture Giorgia Latini, sees the co-artistic direction of the writer Alberto Toso Fei (founder and director of “Spettacoli di Mistero”, the Festival of secrets and legends of the Veneto region) and of the television journalist from the Marche region Paolo Notari, well-known face of Uno Mattina; is managed and promoted by Marche Culture and Amat Foundation. The participating Municipalities were all welcomed to be part of the event through a public announcement. For all the information on the festival and also indications for the overnight stay click on In the gallery above some photos of the villages

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